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is a two-part project which delves into the unique ways that individuals and organizations have rebuilt their environment and their lives. These tales reflect a universal longing for interconnection — and illustrate creative ways of reimagining the inner and outer structures that support us.

Part I – Tales of Transformation in the Hidden Hills of Western MA: Interviews and photos of ten individuals and/or organizations that have followed a unique vision in rebuilding their lives and communities: created by Laila Salins and Sandra Zandberga, with Gigi Kaeser, photographer.

Part II – Renovating Paradise – or how I learned to love the Apple : a multi-media piece through the eyes of Eve – the transgressive, first female inhabitant of paradise, willing to disobey authority and gloriously follow her desire to know, regardless of the consequences. Music and text: Laila Salins; video: Arturs Virtmanis.

Tales of Transformation in the Hidden Hills

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